Target Community Lab™

“Market research – no thanks!” Instead, reserve a Target Community Lab™ today and gain surprising insights into your clientèle. In the TCL strategy workshop, the target group develops the campaign for people like themselves. The bait devised by the prey is up to four times more effective.

In the Target Community Lab™, the aim is not simply to appeal to the target group, but to have the campaigns developed by the targeted clientèle for their peers.

In other words, the target group itself knows best which campaign appeals to it, through which channels it can be reached, the language it speaks, with which words it likes to be addressed, what piques its interest and what turns it off completely.

In the case of a lifestyle product launched simultaneously in specific separate geographic areas, it was established that the campaign developed in the TCL strategy workshop led to four times the market share than the campaign designed by prominent advertising professionals.

With the Target Community Lab™, you have a tool at your disposal that provides you with everything you need to create a brief for the agency you wish to employ.

After the Target Community Lab™

You have a keen understanding of your target group and know what really works with it!
The Target Community Lab™ provides you with valuable insights about the target group itself, while at the same time generating everything you need to develop a brief for the agency with which you wish to work. This means greater security as you get your campaign or marketing strategy on track, and thus greater cost efficiency.

You know how the target group want to be addressed!
The insights from the workshop provide clarity about all elements of the strategy at an early stage, from the strategic objectives and the tools for achieving those objectives to the key messages. The target group provides valuable information, dos and don’ts, the appropriate tools and channels, and the right tone – ensuring that your campaign really works.

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Target Community Labs™ at a glance

The target group itself develops the campaign strategy in small working groups. You save on costly market research, from which you would then have to derive a campaign strategy.

This helps you avoid the sort of ‘misinterpretation’ that can happen in the process of analysis and translation of information about the target group in a campaign.

Group work strengthens the involvement and sense of identification, and generates the first fan community. The idea is simple: people who know what they are getting involved with are the most persuasive ambassadors. So Target Community Labs™ create the first community that will generate the first ‘word-of-mouth’ buzz about you and your campaign.


Target Community Labs™ can be used for companies, start-ups, NGOs and many other types of entities.

The workshops are led by experienced campaigners from business campaigning GmbH. Thanks to our many years of experience with campaign planning and execution, we ask the right questions in order to develop an effective campaign strategy together with the workshop participants.

We organize a Target Community Lab™ for you, starting on an investment of CHF 6,000 excl. VAT.

It includes:

  • kick-off meeting
  • organisation and preparation of content
  • conduct of the workshop
  • evaluation of the results within a few days.

Differences of investment are generated due to categorie of venture, recruiting, incentives, cost of location, catering and third-party charges.



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