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“Campaigning is the art of pulling out all the stops to reach a goal and move people.”

A way of thinking. But differently.
Entlang des business campaigning® Modell erarbeiten wir mit ihnen zusammen Strategien und Konzepte für wirkungsvolle Kampagnen. Sie profitieren direkt von Peter Metzingers umfassendem Kampagnen-Knowhow. Die Beratung verbindet Erfolgsfaktoren von NGO-Kampagnen mit moderner Unternehmensführung. Neues Wissen und aktuelle Möglichkeiten fliessen permanent ein.

With the business campaigning® Modell, we work with you to develop strategies and concepts for effective campaigns. You will benefit directly from Peter Metzinger's comprehensive campaign know-how. The consultancy combines the success factors of NGO campaigns with modern corporate management. New knowledge and current possibilities flow continuously.

A structured approach changes perspective. What first appears as an Impossible Mission is, after careful consideration, an ambitious but solvable project that is worthwhile.

The campaign strategy identifies goals, their measurability, and the most effective tools to achieve these goals. The campaign's strategy development tool is used to implement the campaign in an understandable manner. Among other things, it deals with measures, rules and influencing factors. From the process adjustment within the company, to the establishment of specific expertise among the employees, steps at all levels are considered.

A central role is played by the target group, which gives us a louder voice in campaign development. Target Community Labs™ from business campaigning GmbH follow the motto “If the fish designs the fishing net, it will be up to 4 times moreefficient”.

Campaigning. But differently!
The special thing about business campaigning GmbH and our campaigning concept is that we are independent from all the available tools and instruments. We are inspired by the question of how people can best be reached and moved. We can then decide which tools and instruments are the best fit.

Whether it is social media campaigning with integrated chatbot, community management, lobbying, classic advertising, communication, or brand development and creative work, we analyse the situation and use what works with in house specialists and, if necessary, our partner network.

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Interactive campaigns
  • Public affairs campaigns
  • Image campaigns
  • Product campaigns
  • Jubilee Campaign


“Succeeding in creatively influencing concrete change, in favour our partners, is our passion.”


Peter Metzinger


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